Why You've Been Defining Success Wrong

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Aside from the flexible work schedule and relaxed dress codes, one of the big appeals of the entrepreneur life is being able to create your own definition of success. Is it the big car, high tech condo and blinged out watch? Being able to fly first class to Paris? Paying the bills and relaxing in a lean-to on camping trips? Whatever is most important to your life becomes your unique version of success – and negotiation can help you get from here, to there.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework

Grab your journal or a swanky piece of paper and map out your ideal day. Where will you be? Who will be there? What are you doing for work, fun and relaxation? Use that vision to guide your goals and priorities for each of your business endeavors and negotiated deals.

Can I get a peek at your ideal day? Mine would include waking up in Paris, journaling at the café, and spending my day writing and working with clients at a little desk by the window – fresh flowers nearby. Share yours in the comments below!