Tipping Point: When Busy Becomes Burnout

avoid burnout as an entrepreneur


Busy busy busy. The life of an entrepreneur is one full of action and hustle. You’ve got strategies to create, content to write, and networking to do. Oh yeah…and clients to delight! If you’ve been in a whirlwind for longer than you can remember, it’s time to change it. Setting strong boundaries, and then enforcing them in your communications and contracts is how you’re going to keep up that earning level, while saying sayonara to the constant buzz of busyness. Define how many iterations you’re willing to provide, what days of the week you respond to emails, and how far in advance client inputs are required…so that you don’t find yourself up at 3am on a Saturday night working through revision 3452 of a logo because the client sent the graphics file late.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework

What’s the task you spend the most time on, that absolutely drives you up the wall? Name it – then find a solution this week. Sorting through bookkeeping records? Delegate to a pro. Chasing drafts and files? Put a due date in your contract. Answering your fifth email in a row with a pricing question? Post your prices on your website!

What busy work are you giving the boot? How are you going to do it? Let me know, or give a shout for support in the comments below!