Crystal Clear Client Communication

stop client confusion

A little adrenaline is a wonderful thing. But constant panics with each client project because files, drafts and decisions aren't arriving on time? That's no good at all.


In this edition of The Smiley Sessions, you'll learn how to put an end to all-nighter work sessions and lost productivity by getting clear client communication into place. 


The final design is due tomorrow. But you’re still waiting on copy, graphics and a decision on font style from your client…can you say ‘all nighter?’

The ingredients you need to create a masterpiece for your clients are obvious to you – so sometimes it’s easy to forget that you need to let the client in on the secret, and get their buy in. Being super specific about what you need to receive from them, and when, is crucial to staying on schedule and maintaining a smooth working relationship. Not to mention, it’ll help you get your beauty sleep when deadlines approach.


Your challenge this week:

What do you wait around for most often? Content? Feedback?

Take action this week to followup with clients who are a dragging their heels – and while you’re at it, add a bit of language to your contract that outlines what you need from clients in order to do your best work. 

Learn more about how to keep a project on track.

Are you accepting the challenge?