Think you're ready to tackle negotiation a little differently?

I’m your gal.

Over the course of my 10+ year career in procurement, I’ve handled everything from inventory management to vendor relationship repair. I’ve held hands with novice negotiators and I’ve sealed the deal on contracts worth (hundreds of) millions. I’ve completed production line audits, and rocked process revitalizations in Kaizen events. Negotiation, and helping organizations secure brilliant results is my thing

How I can help

I'm honoured to be partnered with negotiation consultancy advantageSPRING as their Head of North America.

advantageSPRING Negotiation Training

advantageSPRING provides negotiation skills training and consulting services to clients around the world, and our programmes are designed to improve negotiation skills, secure more sustainable outcomes and boost confidence. The tailored sessions are interactive, engaging, empowering, and will provide not just insight on the process of negotiation but also the importance of understanding and reading people in order to secure the deals that you need.

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