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how to make more money without finding new clients
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I'm Devon.

When Ambitious Entrepreneurs are ready to stop taking what they can get, and start going after what they want, need & deserve...they call me.




You're in the right place if you are fed up with getting in your own way, feeling like you're not quite good enough, and settling for second best.

It's time to master the art of confidently, calmly and successfully asking for what you want, need and are worth.

Make The Ask. Make It Happen.


Uncover my expert tips, techniques & strategies for getting what you want in business on the blog.

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Your creativity and logical thinking are a knockout punch for tough problems – Thank you!
— Ali
I’ve increased my hourly rate, created new services that are being snapped up, and am excited for growing my revenue over the next few months.
— Melissa
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...immediately implementable skills ... world-class expertise
— The Clinton Foundation

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