Devon Smiley Negotiation Consultant

What if you doubled your prices? What if you stuck to your guns? What if the next project you land has you grinning like a fool? 

I love playing the What If game. I play it in my sleep.

Sometimes it gives me nightmares, but that's ok. It's perfect, actually. Because I wake up, put on my problem-solving pants, and turn those unsavoury bits into sweet sweet dreams for entrepreneurs like you. 


You know those queasy feelings you get when you’re simultaneously nervous and excited about something?

Like jumping out of a plane. Walking into a party.

Launching your own business. (Especially launching your own business)

That feeling is wonderful! At least, the excitement part is.


That other part – the nervous, anxious, worried, scared, wee bit panicked part? Not so wonderful. That’s the part that’s telling you to run. That it’s all gonna go pear shaped. That you, my dear entrepreneurial friend, are about to get screwed.

You can ignore it. And stay up at night, worrying about when the other shoe is going to drop.

Or…you can do something about it.

You can choose to not get screwed.

You can choose to charge a rate that makes you sing.

You can choose to actually get paid by clients.

You can choose to take that hard-earned money, and hold it in your hot little hands for as long as you like, instead of having it slip through your fingers like sand.

That’s where I come in.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs like you… not get screwed.

negotiators aren't boring

Over 10 years working in the corporate world and negotiating oodles of contracts taught me a thing or two about tactics, techniques and trickery. (It’s kinda mind blowing.) So yeah, I’ve got the chops. I’ve played with the Big Boys. I’ve held my own and brought home amazing deals for my teams.

But I was there, in my little grey cubicle, surrounded by the buzz and hum of a busy corporation. And I was trying to play the game. And I was failing.

I couldn’t turn off my personality.

I couldn’t stop being the rebel who spoke up and asked questions everyone else was too chicken to. Or the ballsy one who pushed back if she heard a ‘because I said so’. Or the goofball who would burst into the odd bit of song or crack a joke to perk up a slow afternoon.

I couldn’t become a part of the machine.

So now I’m here.

Now I’m working with entrepreneurs like you.

Over-achievers, rebels, smart-asses and supremely passionate people.

And I get to do my best work. For you. With you. Because of you.

The passion you bring to your coaching, consulting, designing or craftsmanship is matched only by the passion I bring to making sure that you aren’t getting the short end of the stick.

Because you deserve to be paid well.

Because you deserve to be treated well.

Because you deserve to be in control of your own business – no matter how small it may be, or how big it will become.

Are you in?