Where To Start When You Want To Improve Your Business

Bring focus to your business boosting action plan

Before I launched my business, I was blissfully naïve when it came to exactly how much goes into making an endeavour successful. Sure, I thought, get a great idea, put up a website – tada! – you’re in business.

If only it were that easy, simple or straight-forward.

Whether you’re in your first few months of business, or have an established and smooth running operation, you’d always like for things to be better.

Better…what do you mean, better?

More clients? Fewer clients? Working solo? Hiring a big team? Rocking your sales pitches in person? Boosting your online presence? The possibilities are endless. And therein can lie the problem.

Step 1 in figuring out where to start when it comes to improving your business is to make sure that what you’re doing really is focused on your business.

What works for your best friend’s business may be a flop for yours. And what sets your results ablaze could be entirely different from what works for your competitors.

Keep your eyes on your own page when it comes to improving your business. 

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It’s too easy to fall into the ‘Well, everyone else is doing it” way of thinking. And far too tempting to start chasing all of those shiny new techniques. If the next big thing is performing blog posts via interpretive dance…that may not be for you or your ideal clients. Resist! (Even if you love love love getting down to the beat.)

Step 2 in figuring out where to start when you want to boost your business, is to break it down, and build a short but sweet list of the key areas you’d like to change for the better. These will be the areas where making a simple tweak, or a small ask of a customer or vendor can reap major rewards.

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