Working with clients like you lights me up!

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KB testimony

You are whip smart.

I loved that the recommendations you gave were customized to my unique situation, and gave me such clear steps on what I needed to be doing to get paid what I deserve. I was feeling stuck with my prices, but now I know how to get my business where I want it to be.

The best bit? Shortly after we spoke, I signed a new retainer client…at a higher rate! 

- Kayli Barth

MG Testimony

It was great to talk to Devon about moving forward and tackling concerns I had about pricing and negotiation. I really came to her struggling to put together all of the pieces and move on to the next level with my pricing. After talking to Devon, I had a very clear plan on what to do next. Working with Devon was absolutely amazing in terms of getting clarity on pricing, feeling great about my next steps and taking action. She's definitely a go-to person when I need to clear my head and get solid answers about next steps for pricing and negotiating with clients. 

- Maya Gaddie

MR praise

I came to Devon as I began a new venture in my business that would require much more complicated pricing. The idea of properly managing my prices while taking into account the rates of contractors, profit margins and expenses seemed overwhelming.

It was clear from our first conversation alone that Devon understood my business, my brand, and my pricing struggles. When I received my final pricing strategy, I was blown away!

I'm not under pricing or scrambling with client quotes, and would have gladly paid her far more for this valuable expertise. I'd highly recommend working with Devon!

- Mallie Rydzik, President

RM Testimony

I had only looked at negotiation in terms of pricing (which was never really negotiable in my book). But learning from Devon has helped me understand how asking for what you need in business (e.g. clients, referrals, or anything else) is an important step to actually getting what you want.

That point seems obvious until you follower her system for breaking down bigger needs into smaller asks – then it’s mind blowing!

Thanks to Devon, I have a smarter, more focused way of looking at bigger challenges, and I actually have a system for figuring out how I can get the things I need and want.

- RM Harrison, Business Strategist & Clarity Junkie

LW quote

Working with you was just what I needed so that I could stop losing sleep over my pricing.

It was really helpful to get your perspective on the transition away from time-based pricing and creating sustainable services – No more working 15 hour days!

The work you do is no B.S. Devon, and having this confidence and clarity in my prices makes it a lot easier to find the right clients.

- Leah Wechsler

SH Testimony

At first, I wasn’t sure if a Negotiation Coach was for me. But working with Devon made me realize that asking for something I want is a negotiation. Such a shift in perspective!

I enjoyed the easy flow to our session. Without a heavy structure it felt like a conversation – except Devon was really diving down straight to the core of my issue and working her magic.

After getting off the phone with Devon I was actually looking forward to making my ask – I was pretty jazzed – thinking, “Devon made this sound so simple. I can do this.” 

Asking for what I needed was a lot easier than I’d expected it to be, and I got not just a yes, but an enthusiastic one!

This boost to my skills and confidence will help me ask for anything else I need, from here on out.

- Shawn Holmes

LN quote

Asking for help when it comes to getting contracts and client communication into shape is hard. But Devon put me at ease with the combination of her down-to-earth personality and clear expertise.

She knows her stuff - and made it a fun + knowledge-filled session.

- Leah Noble

lv round.png

I jumped at the chance to have Devon review the contracts for my business. Finding someone who enjoys that side of things, knows what they’re talking about, and is willing to give some feedback was a huge blessing. 

Our communication has been really encouraging to where I’m at with my business. Affirmation that, with a few minor tweaks and suggestions on things to keep in mind moving forward, I’m in a good place when it comes to contracts and proposals. I definitely think any entrepreneur or small business owner could benefit from Devon’s expertise and services. You’ll feel like you have someone who’s on your side that you can turn to when you have a question. Which is always a good thing!

- Lisa V.

RL Quote

Your review of my contract was so thorough! You took the time to understand the challenges and stresses of running a small business and then specifically addressed them.

All of the feedback and tips you gave me took a huge burden off of my shoulders, and made me a lot more comfortable handling the contract side of things. I feel like I’m not in it alone.

Plus, I’ve been able to stop chasing clients for payment! YES! :-)

Can I have your number on speed dial?

- Renee Landress

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AS Praise

After working with Devon, not only did I know what my new prices should be, I also had the confidence to actually charge that amount (and I've already signed a new client at my higher prices!).

Devon provided me with a strategy that was easy to understand, implement, and that will be easy to modify as my business grows and changes.

So many people struggle with setting rates that it's wonderful to have someone in your court who can look at everything objectively and logically. I'm really glad I worked with Devon!

- Amber Schultz

SM quote

You went above and beyond any expectations I had, and were both super professional and totally friendly and fun to chat with.

My final decision on pricing and what to offer was much easier to make after we worked together and I felt super confident sending a proposal.

I feel 100% covered compensation-wise (and my clients are already really happy with what I’ve brought to the table). 

- Sarah Morgan

AliM Testimony

“Your creativity and logical thinking are a knockout punch for tough problems – Thank you!”

I’ve been terrified to raise my prices since I started my pet care business. My clients count on me to love and care for their furry babies. It is a very personal and intimate arrangement, and if they think I see their pets as a dollar amount, or a commodity, it's bad for business. Devon was able to help me raise Doggie Joggie's rates, while maintaining the personalized, loving brand that made us successful in the first place.

- Ali Meza, Owner - Doggie Joggie 

MW Testimony

You are like the perfect combination of brainstorm partner and “get it done” coach that I needed. You didn’t just give me a list of what should be done, but you gave clear help on how it needs to get done, which is really what I needed. Newer business owners or people who are in a growth season of business often need someone to help navigate then through the new territory and you are really amazing at that.

It’s only been a few weeks since we worked together, and I’ve already increased my hourly rate, created new services that are being snapped up, and am excited for growing my revenue over the next few months.

Devon, you are a woman of many gifts and ideas – If people want to get stuff done then you’re the person to work with.

- Melissa Whaley

SC quote

Working with Devon and seeing things from an expert's perspective has helped me understand so much more than just my pricing. It's changed the way I think about communication with clients, how I do business, and myself as a businesswoman.

I appreciated Devon’s straightforward thinking and communication, and that she was there to support me even after her job was done. Devon has a level of passion and experience that so many Creatives will find useful.

- Serena Colaleo

SMc quote

Devon, this consult is exactly what I needed. I appreciate how calm and direct you are. We covered a lot of information, but I never felt as though I couldn't wrap my head around any of it.

My head was full of ideas after our meeting, and instead of feeling nervous about finally making a necessary change for my business, I was so excited!

Anyone having issues with their pricing or strategy needs to work with you.

Merci beaucoup!

- Stéphanie McGuirt

AM Testimony

I enjoyed working with Devon, she quickly identified where I needed help and gave me detailed tips on how to negotiate with a potential client to ensure I achieved the sale without devaluing myself or brand. As a result of her consultation, I gained a new client that was happy to pay a price that we were both happy about. A Win a win outcome! 

- Arash Mazinani, Personal Stylist

JT quote

When I reached out to Devon, I was dealing with a client contract that was going south pretty quickly. Within less than 24 hours of talking with her, she swooped in, reviewed the contract, had a call with me and prepared a complete plan for how to respond (including pre-written emails that I literally copied and pasted).

I have never felt more confident or prepared going into a tough conversation with a client.

From now on, when I need help with negotiation, Devon will always be my first (and last) call.

- Jules Taggart

KB Testimony

I loved how holistic your approach was -- how you took into account the emotional hurdles that we needed to consider in addition to the practical steps we needed to take. 

The worksheets were (and are!) invaluable.  I used them as a resource as I mapped out the tough conversation I needed to have.  It allowed me to reduce a lot of the worry I had around even bringing up the topic!  Using the process you shared with us, I was able to successfully "negotiate" a huge shift in a way that was a major win for me and allowed me to communicate the potential benefits for them.  It was a win-win all around!

- Kathryn Brown

LA testimonial.png

I've successfully transformed my thinking – from uncertainty and undermining myself, to being steadfast in knowing what to charge in order succeed as a business. Which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish in our work.

There's no more agonizing over raising my rates. Mission accomplished.      

- Leslie Atkins
Documentary Film Editor