Business is good, but boy oh boy...could it be even better.

(Or frankly, it's Crap...and you're fed up.)

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur, doing expert work that you love.

You’ve built a stellar reputation, but the profit isn't following.

You’re sick and tired of working your lil buns off each and every day and still not getting ahead.  

Let's get you on your way to everything you want, need & deserve

You in? Here's how we can work together.


"Help! I'm freakin' out over here... I need a plan, and a kick in the butt to make it happen." 

Ditch the panic. Get actionable advice. Created just for you.
Quick coaching for your negotiation and pricing needs.  

Investment: $449



"I need an Angel on my shoulder. Whispering sweet negotiation know-how and expert I don't screw up. Again."

Think of me as your secret weapon. No more low-balled proposals, fumbled pitches or 'open mouth, insert foot' conversations.

Investment: starting from $1,200/month



Know that you need my expert eyes on your communication crisis, pricing puzzle or negotiation needs, but aren't seeing a solution that works for you? 

Get in touch and let me know what's got you stumped or spinning your wheels, and I'll see what I can cook up for ya.

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JT quote

I have never felt more confident or prepared going into a tough conversation with a client than I did after I worked with Devon.

From now on, when I need help with negotiation, Devon will always be my first (and last) call.  

- Jules Taggart

You are like the perfect combination of brainstorm partner and “get it done” coach that I needed. 

It’s only been a few weeks since we worked together, and I’ve already increased my hourly rate, created new services that are being snapped up, and am excited for growing my revenue over the next few months. 

- Melissa Whaley

MW quote

“Your creativity and logical thinking are a knockout punch for tough problems – Thank you!”

AM Testimony

I’ve been terrified to raise my prices since I started my pet care business. My clients count on me to love and care for their furry babies. It is a very personal and intimate arrangement, and if they think I see their pets as a dollar amount, or a commodity, it's bad for business. Devon was able to help me raise Doggie Joggie's rates, while maintaining the personalized, loving brand that made us successful in the first place.

- Ali Meza, Owner - Doggie Joggie