Let's talk turkey.

You need a Black Friday promotion that'll bring in the bacon.

Billions of dollars get spent online each Thanksgiving weekend, and a piece of that oh-so-sweet pie should be yours. Can be yours. Is going to be yours.

Those few days at the end of November can bring a massive boost to your bottomline for 2016 and help you end the year with that sweet taste of success - but only if you can create a promotion that whets the appetite of your potential clients without starving your bank account of that well-deserved profit.

Making a bunch of sales is great. As long as you're not giving away all the profit. 

Slashing your prices to encourage a flurry of sales over the holiday weekend is kinda like arriving to Thanksgiving dinner late and having to pick through the carcass and make-do with whatever jellied fruit monstrosity your kooky Aunt Brenda brought.

Sure, technically you've celebrated...but there's zero satisfaction and enough resentment to last til next year.

So instead of winging it, sticking a big SALE! sticker on everything and hoping for the best - let's get strategic about:

  • What to offer
  • How to boost value with bonuses
  • When to discount
  • How to package it all up into a mouth-watering bundle

Sous-Chef Smiley, at your service.

Step 1.

You'll use my signature 'Promotion Pie' recipe to cook up a special offer that will:

  • Attract your most-desired clients & customers
  • Earn you serious profits
  • Pave the way for repeat business and raving fans

Step 2.

Next, send your worksheets back to me for review. A strategic taste test before it hits the table.

Step 3.

I provide custom, detailed feedback and recommendations on perfecting your promotion within 48hrs so that you're ready to launch in time to tuck into your turkey, turn on the game, and watch those sales roll in.


The signature Promotion Pie recipe + my expert eyes on your Black Friday promotion for an investment of $179.


This Promotion Pie offer is only available for a limited time. Spots will go nearly as fast as slices of my Nana's pumpkin chiffon pie*, so snag the recipe + my custom feedback before it's too late.

* Seriously. Best pumpkin pie I've ever had. So good. Must be that secret ingredient**.

** Nope. Nuh-uh. Not telling

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