VIP Negotiation Mentoring for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

You've hit send on a Big Time proposal...only to spend the rest of the day kicking yourself because you quoted waaaaay too little and now there's no profit to be had. You've done this before. A few times. And it's getting old. (so is the entrepreneur ramen diet)

Get yourself a Secret Weapon

You’re in the middle of a negotiation with a client or vendor and things are going pear shaped. It's a cluster of misunderstandings, gigantic NOs to your proposals, and an overwhelming feeling of fear. Frankly, you're crappin' the bed on this one. And it sucks.

Why don't you have a Secret Weapon?

I'm the Angel on your shoulder. Or maybe the Devil...

Some of my clients think of me as the Angel guiding them gracefully through tough conversations. Some consider me the snarky, sassy, sweary Devil that's helping them grow a pair and ask for what they really deserve. Others like to call me their guru, ninja, or go-to girl.

I want you to call me your Secret Weapon

The Secret Weapon VIP Mentorship is perfect for you if...

  • You've been in business a while and are hitting a plateau
  • Proposals and quotes are going out consistently under-priced. You think. Maybe.
  • The last time you smiled with glee at a client contract was...a while ago
  • You'd rather head in for a root canal than have that conversation. The one you've been putting off for months
  • Access to expert advice in your moments of shear panic sounds pretty damn fantastic
  • As an Ambitious Entrepreneur you know that A+ communication and negotiation skills are must-haves

Expert guidance. When you need it. Every time.

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Thanks to Devon, I have a smarter, more focused way of looking at bigger challenges, and I actually have a system for figuring out how I can get the things I need and want.

- RM Harrison, Business Strategist & Clarity Junkie


The Secret Weapon VIP Mentorship includes...

Each month that I'm your Secret Weapon you'll receive:

60 minute Consult Call via Skype or phone

We’ll meet one-on-one to uncover the challenges you're facing and set goals for your business and your development as an Ambitious Entrepreneur for the month. The goal: to arm you with the tools you need to confidently tackle what comes your way. 

Summary & Next Steps

After our session, I’ll be distilling everything we discussed into a snapshot of your next steps. You’ll know exactly what you need to be doing, when to be doing it and how to be doing it, so can get moving, worry free. The package I send over will include my recommendations as well as scripts, templates or worksheets for you to use in implementing our work together.

30 minute Crisis Call via Skype or phone

If thing start going off the rails, I'm here for you. Each month you'll get extra time with me - in real time - to hash out an issue and make sure you're moving in the right direction. If you don't use this Crisis Call, you can roll it over to the next month...because if a tsunami of trouble hits I want you to be covered.

VIP email access + pro resources

Send me your questions, email drafts, proposal outlines and anything else that has you feeling anxious about your communication, negotiation or pricing. Throughout the month I'll provide notes, guidance and resources, so that you can stop freaking out and press that Send button with a flourish...and without letting loose a wail of 'what have I done?!' afterwards.


starting from $1,200/month

Ready to add a Secret Weapon to your toolkit?

1. Reserve your consult call in my calendar HERE

2. I'll provide a custom quote for your VIP Mentorship
3. Book your first session, and make your payment
3. Exhale a giant sigh of relief. Your tush is covered.

I came to Devon struggling to put together all of the pieces and move on to the next level. After our call, I had a very clear plan on what to do next. Working with Devon was absolutely amazing for getting clarity, feeling great about my next steps and taking action. She's definitely a go-to person when I need to clear my head and get solid answers about next steps for pricing and negotiating with clients.                                - Maya Gaddie

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