Pricing Strategies to Increase Your Profit

custom pricing strategy for entrepreneurs, freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses

You are working your tush off, delighting clients left and right… but are frustrated, underwhelmed and a wee bit resentful of how meagre your earnings are.

You have big dreams and bold plans for your business... but without the right prices and profits the distance between where you are and where you want/need/deserve to be is just too great.



You need a clear strategy for how much to charge, how to systematically raise your prices, and how to have those conversations with clients without feeling squirmy or greedy.

That’s exactly why I created
my signature 'Close The Gap' service

I’ll create a custom pricing strategy that’ll have you…

  • Grinning from ear to ear as you sign new clients at higher rates
  • Booking a weekend of wine-tasting without stressing about the money or taking time away from your business
  • Upgrading that trusty old laptop so you can get shit done without the spinning rainbow wheel o’ death showing up


Your Custom Pricing Strategy will...

  • Set healthy new prices for your product or service (so you’re not screwing yourself by undercharging)
  • Show you step-by-step how to increase those prices with your very own pricing framework (so there’s no more feeling frustrated or stuck)
  • Guide you in having those rate raising conversations with clients, nailing that pitch, or promoting without sacrificing profits (so squirmy nervous feelings are a thing of the past)

transformational pricing strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses

I've successfully transformed my thinking – from uncertainty and undermining myself, to being steadfast in knowing what to charge in order succeed as a business. Which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish in our work.

There's no more agonizing over raising my rates. Mission accomplished.      

- Leslie Atkins, Documentary Film Editor



starting from $2,100

Ready to stop undercharging?
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I work with a maximum of three Close The Gap clients each month.

Close The Gap includes…

90-minute consult call via Zoom

This is where we become a dynamic duo, working together to get you earning more money, in less time, with less stress.

Close The Gap Strategy Pack

After our session, I’ll be getting straight to work creating your custom strategy pack. It’ll land in your hot little hands within 1-2 weeks so that we keep the momentum and excitement we’ve created together. Your Close The Gap Strategy Pack may include:

  • Crystal clear pricing, effective immediately. You end that cycle of being overworked and underpaid as soon as you and I complete our work together. The next client you sign or product you sell will have you seeing the return on your investment with me. (That’s a pretty amazing turnaround…)
  • A custom pricing framework that covers you for the next 6-12 months. This framework gives you the tools you need to adjust your prices without coming back to me for more help. (I’ll miss you, but fly birdy, fly!)
  • Confident communication and promotion techniques. Pricing is about more than just slapping a new price tag on and calling it a day. I guide you in how to pull together a proposal, let clients know about an increase, or create a promotional strategy that’ll drive sales without carving a chunk out of your bottom line. (My negotiation and persuasion superpowers make me more than just the pricing lady.)

30-minute Close The Gap Follow-up

After your Close The Gap Strategy Pack arrives, we’ll hop on the phone for 30 minutes to review and make sure that you’re comfortable with the steps you’ll be taking. We’ll tweak as needed to ensure that you’re able to confidently revitalize your pricing.

Email Support

For 2 weeks you’ll have VIP treatment in my inbox and an opportunity to pick my brain and receive extra guidance and support each day. I’m available to help you execute each of the steps in your new strategy, whether you need hands-on help, a pep talk, or someone to help you celebrate your wins.  


starting from $2,100

It's Time to say goodbye to pricing anxiety

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After getting off the phone with Devon I was pretty jazzed – thinking, “Devon made this sound so simple. I can do this.” 

Asking for what I needed was a lot easier than I’d expected it to be, and I got not just a yes, but an enthusiastic one!

- Shawn Holmes

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