Go after what you want, need and are worth

Sometimes this means raising your rates and getting Pro about your pricing.
Or getting your hands dirty creating a solid strategy for achieving your goals in business and in life.
It could even mean takin' care of business and boosting those profit levels in the most ingenious of ways.

If you're an Ambitious Entrepreneur looking to take the pain out of going after what you want, need and are worth in business...this is the place to start.


The More Money Checklist

I'm letting you in on the secret to boosting profits in your business. Well, all 15 secrets. Download the More Money Checklist and get to work maximizing your money, reinforcing your contracts and perfecting your communication so that you can stop hustling to find new clients all the time, and start seeing massive rewards for the work you're doing right now. 


Close The Gap

Nothing is more frustrating that knowing that you and your business are meant for greatness...but not exactly knowing how to get there. In this video training + workbook I walk you through the *exact* process I use with my VIP Clients to help them figure out where they want to be, and how to get there.

Price Like A Pro

Figuring out how to price our services as an entrepreneur or freelancer can be scary - whether we've been in business for 5 years, or 5 minutes. In this 3-part video training I walk you through the Mindset, Money & Make It Happen strategies and tools you need to take the guesswork out of pricing, once and for all.